rec . la . ma . tion


the process of reclaiming something or of reasserting a right;

the cultivation of waste land

synonyms: reformation, rehabilitation, recovery

What are we reclaiming?

The purpose-driven life Jean was meant to live: her clean life, mind, body, and spirit. 

Laura's understanding, compassion, and patience. Our relationship. Grace.

Chances are you know an addict, you love an addict, or you are an addict. 

Addiction is hard. Recovery is hard. Forgiveness is hard. Reclamation is hard. Sisterhood is pretty cool. 

Our family has navigated the effects of Jean's drug addiction and recovery cycles for over 20 years. We've finally reached a pretty good place. Join my sister and me as we share our journey--the lies, the loss, and the love, the destruction and reclamation--with hope that it can help you or a loved one navigate recovery. Jean uses her experience as a certified substance abuse and recovery specialist and licensed mental health counselor to help those in recovery reclaim a purpose-focused life and to help loved ones heal individually and as a cohesive unit. Laura shares her experience as an addict's sister, because she understands how an addict's family can suffer and because commiseration and connection are important. 

We get it. And we hope you'll subscribe to our YouTube channel for some real and unscripted discussions about addiction and recovery, destruction and reclamation. And check out our blog for articles about recovery, wellness, and loving an addict.

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