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Wellness Wheel: Self-Assessment & Worksheet

After reading our article called “The 8 Dimensions of Wellness: Finding Balance,” you’re ready to jump into our 2021 Reclamation Wellness Challenge!

To begin your Reclamation Wellness journey, let’s start by completing your Wellness Wheel to gauge your wheel’s balance. After all, you can’t drive on a flat tire! Print the Wellness Wheel Worksheet, or view it online and use it as a guide to draw your own wheel.

  1. For each dimension, score your current level of success in that area. Refer to the Guiding Questions section below to help you determine an appropriate score. Use the Scoring Key on the Wellness Wheel Worksheet to help determine the value to assign for each wellness dimension. Color/shade from the center of the circle out to your assigned score; e.g., if you assign your physical wellness a 3, color in the Physical section from the center of the circle out to the 3 line.

  2. Now that you can visualize your wellness and life balance, take note of the gaps. Seriously, take notes! Jot down your thoughts right on your Wellness Wheel Worksheet. Where are the low spots on your wheel? These are the areas of your life that need attention. Do you have any high spots that are over-inflated and taking too much energy in your life? These also contribute to an unbalanced life, creating a bumpy ride. Why do you think these areas are over-inflated? Any initial thoughts on how you can re-prioritize, delegate, or reassess?

  3. Commit to taking action! Join us each day for the next 100 days to access a daily step designed to help you make positive changes and develop healthy new habits in all eight dimensions of wellness. Each step will provide ways for you to personalize and customize the task so you get the most out of the 2021 Reclamation Wellness Challenge. Visit us daily here on the blog, Instagram, or Facebook to get the daily step; and we’ll check in with you periodically throughout the challenge on the Reclamation Sisters YouTube channel.

Guiding Questions for Scoring


  1. Am I able to express myself and communicate my feelings?

  2. Do I have control over my emotions?

  3. Am I able to adapt to change?

  4. Am I independent?

  5. Can I resolve conflicts in all areas of my life?


  1. Do I have a sense of meaning and purpose in life?

  2. Do I trust other people?

  3. Do I practice empathy?

  4. Do I live my life according to my values and beliefs?

  5. Do I have a feeling of inner peace?


  1. Do I strive to learn new things and exercise my brain?

  2. Do I engage in mentally stimulating activities?

  3. Do I learn new skills or hobbies?

  4. Do I have generally positive thoughts?

  5. Do I spend time on personal and professional development?


  1. Do I eat a balanced nutritional diet?

  2. Do I exercise at least three times a week?

  3. Do I consume alcohol and other substances safely?

  4. Am I generally free from illness?

  5. Am I a healthy weight for my height?


  1. Do I live in a safe and supportive home?

  2. Do I work in a safe and supportive culture?

  3. Do I generally reduce, reuse, and recycle?

  4. Do I spend time outside enjoying and appreciating nature?

  5. Do I have indoor plants or an outdoor garden?

  6. Is my home generally clean and organized?


  1. Do I have a budget and am I able to save money?

  2. Does my behavior reflect my beliefs and values about money?

  3. Am I using my money wisely?

  4. Do I have financial goals and plans for the future?


  1. Do I feel satisfied with the quality of my work, both expectations and creations/productions?

  2. Does my career enrich my life in any way?

  3. Do I communicate well with co-workers or other students?

  4. Have I set realistic career goals?

  5. Am I making progress toward my career goals?


  1. Am I aware of other peoples’ feelings?

  2. Do I communicate well with others?

  3. Do I have people in my life that I can trust?

  4. Am I able to set boundaries?

  5. Do I feel a sense of belonging?

Written by Laura B. Demers, © 2021 Reclamation Sisters


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